Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

This headlight lens restoration kit is designed to restore clarity to headlight lenses, taillights, fog lights, and directional lights that have become yellowed, cloudy, or hazed over time
Easy to use, just a few steps sanding, polishing, coating, improves the appearance of a car - with "like new" lenses
The UV coating of this Kit will protect against discoloration and oxidation of the leadlight lens again
Special rubbing compound will remove the abrasions, and put a final polish on the lenses.


Kit Contains
01) Rubbing Compound
02) Headlight UV Coating
03) Masking Tape
04) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
05) Pad Holder
06) Interface Pad
07) Polishing Pad
08). Coating Applicator
09). Alcohol Towel
10) Sanding Discs
11) Vinyl Glove
12). Coating Cup



  • ✓You should have a standard household drill (1200-1600 rpm) on hand, as this kit does not include one.
  • ✓If lenses are 3 to 5 years old, and do not have any yellow or cloudy staining, do not proceed with this headlight lens restoration kit.
  • ✓This process will not repair moisture, cracks from damage, or defects on the inside of the headlight lens.
  • ✓If lenses are stained a yellow or cloudy color due to age and weathering, proceed with this process.
  • ✓Larger or extremely yellowed or cloudy lenses may require more than one kit or multiple sanding discs.



  • This Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is designed to restore clarity to headlight lenses that have become yellowed, cloudy, or hazed over time.
    By restoring clarity to the lens you improve the performance of the headlight and enhance the appearance of the vehicle.
    Headlight lenses have either a hard surface layer or a UV resistant coating on the outer surface of the lens. Once a lens has been degraded by sun or UV light and becomes yellowed or cloudy, it is necessary to remove that yellowed layer in order to restore clarity to the lens. The effort required to refurbish headlight lenses will vary greatly by vehicle manufacturer, year, make, model, and headlight design.
    With this kit, you will use a 1200-1600 rpm drill equipped with a pad holder and sanding discs to remove the yellowed layer from the headlight lens surface. A higher rpm drill could generate excessive heat and can cause damage to the headlight lens that is difficult to remove. A lower rpm drill does not work efficiently for this process.
    The sanding steps will follow to refine or reduce the sand scratches that are made when removing the yellowed layer.
    The headlight UV coating will protect against yellowing and re-oxidation.
    Finally, the rubbing compound and a foam compounding pad will remove the fine scratches and put the final clarity on the headlight lens.

    For applications that could create airborne dust, provide appropriate exhaust or dust capture. Wear an appropriate government-approved respirator to help reduce contaminant exposures. Excessive inhalation of airborne particles can cause serious injury.


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