Alloy Wheel Scratches Remove Kit

Item Number: 80005 (Chrome)

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  • Item: Alloy Wheel Scratches Remove Kit
  • Brand: EASTUP
  • Part Number: 80005
  • Color: Chrome


Kit Contains

  • 1. Alloy wheel filler A
    2. Alloy wheel filler B
    3. Spray paint chrome color 400ml.
    4. Cleaning brush
    5. Alloy wheel file
    6. Sandpapers
    7. Razor blade

  • Features
    • This is a professional product but is very easy to use. Simply follow the instructions. If you need help with basic polishing and painting skills, we recommend searching YouTube or other online resources before performing wheel repairs.
    • This product can repair curb damage, chips, scrapes, scratches etc., but can't repair broken or out of shape wheels.
    • The repaired area may vary slightly in color from your original wheel, but the difference will be minimal and should only be visible upon close inspection. There may also be slight differences in color between the new paint and your original paint.
    • The filler is specially formulated to bond fully with aluminum and alloy wheels. It will never come off, even with vibration at high speeds. Its density is the same as that of the wheel material, so it does not need dynamic balancing after repair